Problem Statement

An emerging multinational E-commerce platform wanted to leverage the Salesforce platform (sales, marketing cloud) features to digitize Seller information and Customer engagements to attain below pain points.

  • Seller’s KPI (sales Cloud)
  • Customer feedback (sales & marketing cloud)
  • Engaging & Procuring customer base (marketing cloud)
  • Regional Promotional email

Solution Implemented

  • Integrated core-system with Sales cloud to gather top seller’s information based on regional criteria and created a highly configurable tool for Regional teams to enter their seller’s filter points. Which then are applied on Seller’s information to generate KPI on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and reports created to Visualize KPI.

  • Functionality provided to the Regional team to create survey information for generating dynamic templates in Sales-cloud and, then, Marketing team to trigger surveys via Marketing Cloud and track customer responses and sync with Sales-cloud.

  • Various customer life-cycle journeys are scheduled to engage and nurture customers at each step.

  • Automations are in place to notify customers of upcoming sales and offers on ecommerce platforms.

  • Email messages with data from sales cloud and service cloud are personalized, and promotional, transactional and triggered messages are sent. All this is done through Email Studio.

  • Performance is judged using powerful reporting tools of Email Studio.

  • Salesforce Mobile Studio is used to reach customers at the right time through SMS, MMS, push messaging and group messaging based on location, proximity, and events.

  • In order to understand customers, brands, and competitors, conversations on social media are listened, engaged, and analyzed using Salesforce Social Studio.

  • Customer data is activated to manage ad campaigns and power digital advertising with Social Studio.

  • New customer acquisition is enhanced with lookalikes.

  • Inactive customers are re-engaged and advertising is optimized along the customer journey.

  • With Web Studio of Salesforce, beautiful websites and landing pages are created.

  • Every action taken by your customers is tracked to analyze behavior and gain insights.