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Lightning is considered as the future of the Salesforce CRM platform. Being one of the best salesforce lightning service providers, Codinix works for streamlining your move to lightning experience. We have a team of salesforce lightning experts, who provide you appropriate guidance in strategizing your lightning road map for optimally utilizing lightning components and UI. The new experience offers you additional capabilities and transforms the user experience. The team of Codinix has deep knowledge and experience in the salesforce ecosystem, which facilitates hassle-free lightning migration cost-effectively. We provide our customers, accelerated time-to-market by leveraging our proven process, lightning components, and pre-built framework for a successful lightning migration. Besides, our experts help in leveraging the salesforce lightning design system for responsiveness and fast-tracking future development. We also work on simplifying complex business procedures and increase marketing and sales efficiency with the salesforce lightning process.


Salesforce Lightning
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  • Development and app performance are accelerated by lightning.

  • Custom components are developed that can be used as reusable building blocks by other developers.

Simplify Business Process

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  • We simplify your business process with the advanced platform of Salesforce Lightning.

  • Users who do not have programming experience can use and implement marvelous applications.


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  • Lightning has efficient navigation and the efficiency to switch between custom-branded apps.

  • Lightning has new records layouts to focus on what you do instead of what you view.

Lightning Experience

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  • You can start your day fast with your customizable and intelligent page.

  • You can see timely new articles about customers, partners, and competitors.

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