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Get Salesforce Customization Services for Specific Business Needs

Salesforce Customization Services by Codinix for Specific Salesforce Functionality

Codinix is a well-experienced salesforce customization agency that tailors the salesforce according to your business needs. We offer salesforce customization services if your business requires specific salesforce functionality that is impossible to obtain through salesforce configuration. It is required to resort to customization in different situations. First, when you have a large volume of data and complex business logic, which can’t be fully covered with default salesforce functionality. Second, when all the necessary data about your business procedures is not reflected by default or configured dashboards/reports. Another situation when salesforce customization is required is when the integration with the external system is crucial for your enterprise. External systems may include ERP, an eCommerce system, etc. The salesforce solution is modified depending on your business requirements, the complexity of the internal procedure, and the amount of data you use. Some of the things we do for salesforce customization can be known as under.

  • Custom objects, fields, and records are added to your salesforce solution.
  • Business rules are embedded in CRM.
  • Bulk processing of data is enabled.
  • Custom email templates are created.
  • Custom reports and dashboards are created


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Our Customization Services

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  • With years of experience in CRM services, our experts customize your salesforce solution.

  • We work to address your business challenges.

Salesforce Configuration

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  • We provide the suggestion for your salesforce configuration.

  • This suggestion is provided when the data model and business logic of the salesforce solution is not sufficient.

Salesforce Customization

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  • Salesforce customization is done when functionality is impossible to obtain with configuration.

  • The solution is modified with coding in case of salesforce customization.

When You Need Customization

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  • Customization is required when data or logic can be fully covered with default functionality.

  • It is required also when external systems are crucial for your enterprise.

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