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Salesforce AppExchange App Services by Codinix

Codinix provides you salesforce AppExchange app services, which is a complete marketplace offering cloud-computing as well as consulting services. You need to be a salesforce partner before making your own app or service publically available to the potential services. A salesforce user is a creative power behind each AppExchange app. It provides users a place to create, install, or publish apps and extensions to salesforce. The process is initiated by a salesforce user by creating a custom app, custom tab, or set of dashboards and reports, which involve business.


Salesforce Lightning

Appexchange App

Hire Experts
Custom apps
Data Migration
API Integration
Salesforce Support

Cloud Computing App

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  • AppExchange App provides a could computing marketplace hosted and developed by

  • It is the world’s largest cloud computing application.

Benefits of AppExchange App

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  • It provides a gateway to products and builds the company’s rapport with potential customers.

  • It allows customers to post their reviews, which is of great benefit for the company.

AppExchange App in Salesforce

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  • It can be easily installed to salesforce by going to the app menu and selecting AppExchange.

  • The application is installed from the salesforce’s website.

Assistance by Codinix

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  • The AppExchange App services by Codinix help you in building a strong rapport with customers.

  • Codinix manages everything about AppExchange App on your behalf.

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