Optimize Your HR Programs through Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR

Allow Your Employees to Get Each Info on Their Own via Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR

We at Codinix, offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR service, which allows you to transform employee experience in your company. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR enables your employees to acquire all the information they need on their own via easy-to-use self-service HR tools. Besides, it also allows you to optimize your HR Programs. We, as Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR service provider, help you in simplifying and optimizing benefits, absence, leave, compensation, certification & training and compliancePrograms. In addition to this, Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR helps you in increasing organizational agility. Moreover, you can also discover workforce insights with the help of Dynamics HR.

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Transformation of Employees’ Experience

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR helps the employees in getting the information they need.

  • The information can be acquired through easy-to-use HR tools of Dynamics 365 HR.

Optimizing HR Programs

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR simplifies and optimizes benefits and compensation.

  • It is also helpful for the optimization of leave, absence, and compliance programs.

Increasing Organizational Agility

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR is a secure and scalable solution that is easy to tailor.

  • It can be easily extended and connected to your existing systems.

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