Successful Cloud Migration Services to Migrate from In-House IT to Cloud

Successful Cloud Enablement by Cloud Migration Company

Codinix acts as a successful cloud migration company, which helps you in successful cloud enablement. New and flexible operating models are enabled by the cloud along with the agility to compete in the dynamically changing world. At Codinix, we assist the companies in deploying cloud within their digital transformation journeys for meeting their business objectives and driving growth. Clients get seamless, modern, and secure from in-house IT to a cloud infrastructure.


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  • We offer the services to migrate old legacy systems for desktop and local networks to new premises, i.e. cloud.


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  • We also offer the migration service from On-Premise to the cloud, which helps your business to get better efficiency and security.


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  • Codinix offers the services to combine a public cloud and a private cloud under a computing environment known as a hybrid cloud.


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  • Our cloud migration services help you shifting from in-house IT to a public or private cloud environment as per business requirements.

Simplified Approach in Cloud Migration Services

  • Codinix uses a simplified approach while providing cloud migration services.
  • We use smart user-friendly applications, which have time-saving features & ease of access that propel the success of cloud computing.
  • Other significant aspects used by us are enhanced security and quantitative outputs.
  • Cloud enablement services offered by us reduce the complexities of infrastructure setup and the related network.
  • Specialist cloud services offered by us allow you to monitor security and downtime concerns.

Benefits for Business of Cloud Migration Services

The services offered by our cloud migration company provide you several business benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Businesses get a simplified infrastructure.
  • Cloud migration services provide improvised security.
  • Software and application deployment become a task that is more structured.
  • With cloud computing, you can reduce the number of data centers, which consume the organizational space.
  • With a reduction in the number of data centers, the additional maintenance costs are also reduced.

Guidelines We Follow for an Effective Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration company follows some effective guidelines for the successful cloud enablement for your business.

  • We first work to understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services under a planned strategy.
  • The capabilities of your existing infrastructure are assessed by us in line with the best practices of the industry in terms of security, automation, scalability, disaster recovery, and recovering ability, etc.
  • We deploy the new cloud environment and test it for its functionality.

Some More Guidelines Followed by Us

There are some more guidelines, which add more effectiveness to the cloud migration process. These guidelines include:

  • Codinix gathers existing resources and then manages requirements to create supporting cloud architecture.
  • Our cloud migration company uses automation with the industry’s proven cloud technology solutions to form an integral part of cloud migration.
  • We also stage and test the functionality, operational efficiency, and scalability of the new cloud environment.

Cloud Migration Procedure

Under the cloud migration procedure, we follow different steps. We start with internal network assessment followed by business operation assessment, cloud framework creation, application installation, data compatible cloud testing, and cloud adaptability training sessions. Then comes cloud environment functionality test, cloud-based exchange platform setup, and cloud-based data migration & storage. Eventually, the process reaches to live cloud computing. The carefully designed cloud migration strategy gives a lot of advantages to your enterprise.

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