Industry: Manufacturing industry
Country or Region: Ethiopia (East Africa)
Customer Size: 500 employees
Number of Users: 400 employees
Client Name: Habesha Cement (East Africa)

The production plant of Habesha cement Share Company is located in Oromiya regional state in Welmera Woreda, Holeta town, 35 km from Addis Ababa.

Habesha cement wanted a solution over all the company's data and process from the factory and Head office with including the Financialand supply chain management services.

Executive Summary:
We have implemented the AX 2012 R3 for Habesha, which helps to them data center point for the Head office and factory.
It helps controlling the data flows from the company's financial, Inventory, warehouse, sales, purchasing, HR etc.
It gives company's scalable and functional solutions.

With their previous ERP software limiting the company’s business directions,
Habesha cement was rapidly out growing its production and needed one solution that
could seamlessly manage all aspects of its business as well as provide a uniform system to its various entities and locations.

How Product Helped:
• Automated integration of production, supply chainwith financials.
• Automated customizations as per the customer requirements, In the Ethiopian cheques printing, Withholding tax, with tax for the accounts payable and accounts receivable
• Provided many customizations as per the previous ERP system reports.
• Designed new workflow systems for the sales and marketing module etc.
• Scalable back-office platform that provides a solid platform for growth

• Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Customer was happy with the implementation part.