Salesforce Lightning and AppExchange App are the two popular salesforce services to give you a new way to do business. These two services increase the functionality of the salesforce CRM system.

Lightning is a component-based platform for the purpose of app development from, which has been designed for simplifying the processes for business users who typically do not have the knowledge of programming. On the other hand, AppExchange is a leading cloud marketing and has ready-to-install apps and solutions to extend the functionality of Salesforce.

So, a number of businesses like to take these two services also under the package of salesforce services. The basic salesforce services make it limited, so you are not able to get its full benefit. But, with AppExchange and lightning, your business gets the enhanced advantages.

Some of the tasks related to lightning and AppExchange can be done by you if you have basic knowledge of salesforce. But, in order to get the best out of them, it is highly recommended to get the services of a salesforce company with a team of experts.

Some details of these services provided by the aforesaid companies can be read as under.

Salesforce Lightning Services

The salesforce lightning service offered by the aforesaid agencies includes:

Salesforce Lightning App Development: The companies develop both managed and unmanaged lightning-ready apps. The apps built are custom built and mobile-friendly.

Lightning Consulting: The lightning consultants of the companies design, plan, and implement the lightning strategy. They optimally use its component for yielding maximum ROI.

Lightning Component Development: The companies design and develop reusable lightning components with scalability aspects for the future growth of your business. Its purpose is to make your future business process hassle-free, which ultimately makes the customer development process hassle-free.

Lightning Community Portals: Another service of the companies is to design and build custom lightning communities to help you to get in touch with various active users and give them customized solutions for a seamless experience.

Lightning Cross-Platform Customization: Lightning cross-platform customization services are also provided by the companies, which offer coherent and engaging experiences to users working across different devices and make the platform a high-performance drive.

Lightning Migration: The salesforce app can be transferred from the Salesforce Classic UI to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience that ensures data integrity and transition of dashboards, reports, and contacts.

Salesforce AppExchange App Services

Salesforce AppExchange app services offered by the salesforce companies include:

AppExchange App Planning: In the AppExchange app planning, the services that are offered include App Solution Requirement Gathering, App Architecture Blueprint, App Prototype Development, and App Market Strategy.

AppExchange App Development: The services offered under AppExchange app development include App UI/UI Design, App Development, App Packaging, Custom Connector Development, and Product Migration to

AppExchange Security Review Assistance: In the AppExchange security review services, salesforce experts conduct internal security reviews and help you in getting through the real security check process by the salesforce AppExchange security team.

Salesforce AppExchange Listing: The salesforce companies also help you in the complete process of Salesforce AppExchange App listing. The AppExchange app listing services include AppExchange publishing, marketing planning, listing support, app support, and user training & documentation.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned ones are the lightning and AppExchange services offered by the salesforce companies. In addition to these two, the companies offer many other services such as salesforce integration, implementation, and customization. All these services can be availed together under one package from the companies.

The companies have teams of experts, who first understand the requirements of your business and then plan accordingly. You can talk to their executives for the details about services and the rate plans.