Cloud migration services refer to a way in which your business is migrated to the cloud. However, cloud service providers themselves provide all the tools to assist you in migration your workloads and applications to the cloud.

But, for the sake of the growth of your organization, you need to migrate the data in a professional way for which you may need the help of a cloud migration company. Besides, if your staff has a lack of technical skills, then also you can contact a proficient cloud migration company.

Before availing the cloud migration services from a company, you need to know the different types of services available today. If your requirements are different from the ones which are covered under the below-mentioned services then also you have no need to worry. You can talk to the experts of the cloud migration company regarding this, and they make the necessary arrangements.

Here are some of the cloud migration services that you may get.

Rehosting or lifting-and-shifting path

Rehosting is considered as one of the most straightforward cloud migration paths. It simply means that you lift applications, virtual machines, and server operating systems from the ongoing hosting environment to the public cloud infrastructures without any changes.


Certain optimizations to the operating systems, changes in the API of the applications, and middleware upgrade are involved in re-platforming. This results in leveraging more cloud benefits, reshaping the sourcing environment, and making it compatible with the cloud by you. Other things include fine-tuning the application functionality and avoiding post-migration work.


This is the strategy in which proprietary application in use is changed for the new cloud-based platform or service. It means that your ongoing license agreement is expired and you go for a new platform or service in place of it.

Refactor or re-architect

When you have a strong desire to improve your products and represent the opposite then this approach of refactoring or re-architect is used. Sometimes, you need to fully re-engineer your application logic and develop the cloud-native version from scratch.

Retain or hybrid model

In this approach, some components of your IT infrastructure may be retained while adding the new ones and a hybrid is created.


In this type of service, some components of the infrastructure can be easily turned off without any value loss of the end customers and without decrease in productivity.


You can choose among the cloud migration services as per your business requirements and can tell your requirements to the cloud migration company whose services you are going to avail.