More and more businesses are getting inclined today towards Magento and Shopify development services without any second thought. These are the platforms, which have given an easy way to enterprises or individuals to develop a professional website.

But, the question that is the subject of utter confusion among the entrepreneurs or the decision-makers of the company is which is better between Magento and Shopify.

The companies have to spend an amount to a Magento of Shopify development company for availing Shopify or Magento development services, so they need to think which they should choose.

Both the platforms are good, but it depends upon your requirement which you should select.

By knowing about the pros of both the platforms, you can decide whether you should choose Shopify development services or Magento development services.

Advantages of Shopify

• Shopify has tons of beautiful responsive themes, wherefrom you can choose.
• Shopify comprises of a comprehensive eCommerce builder.
• It also has a great app store, which helps you in extending the functionality of your website.
• It has pretty good customer support.
• Shopify has a number of checkouts and payment options.
• It also has a large community of dedicated fans.

Advantages of Magento

• Magento has an excellent community with tons of support for users.
• Magento has a flexible platform with a number of customization options.
• It has a good range of themes to select from.
• It has phone support available.
• Magento is open-source and is free to use.

Feature Comparison

Let’s compare the features now, which will help you more in taking the right decision about choosing the platform.

• Both the platforms have basic online store functionalities.
• Both allow you to sell unlimited products on their platforms.
• Both allow powerful and flexible options for calculation.
• Magento provides provision of discount coupons in all plans, whereas Shopify provides it in all the plans except the Lite plan.
• Shopify has more than 70 payment gateways whereas the payment gateways of Magento are less in number.
• A large collection of themes and templates is available in both Shopify and Magento.
• Shopify has over 100 apps and add-ons, whereas Magento has 5000+ apps and add-ons.
• Magento provides built-in multilingual support, whereas you need third-party or paid apps for Shopify.
• Both platforms have excellent SEO capabilities.

Conclusion: Both Shopify and Magento have excellent features. Both beat each other in certain features. You can choose any of them after thinking which features are best suitable according to your business. To get the best of these services, you need to get the services of a Magento or Shopify development company.