Salesforce AppExchange app installation is one of the features that make Salesforce significant. Due to this, you are not limited up to the built-in apps and features of Salesforce, the best CRM application in the present scenario. AppExchange offers ready-to-install apps to increase the functionality of this CRM application.

Different types of apps are available at the AppExchange store, which can be installed by the organizations as per their requirements. The store offers free, paid, and discounted apps.

Free, Paid, and Discounted Apps

When you visit the AppExchange section of Salesforce’s website, you find three categories of apps.

One category is of “Free” apps, in which you get the applications that are available free-of-cost, as the name itself depicts.

Another category is of “Paid” apps, which you can avail if you need to extend the functionality of Salesforce at the bigger level.

One more category is available with the title “Discounted for Nonprofits”. It is a known fact that Salesforce is not only being used today by corporate companies and businesses, but also by several nonprofit organizations. Such organizations can get the benefits of these discounted apps to enhance the functionality of this CRM application in their organizations.

Different Editions

Apart from the above-mentioned categories of applications based on their prices, you also get different editions of applications on the AppExchange page. These editions include Essentials, Professionals, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance,, and Developer.

Businesses or nonprofit organizations can choose among these editions according to their requirements.


On the AppExchange page, you also get the ratings of the apps you see. Moreover, you can read people’s reviews also after clicking the application. It enables you to understand people’s experiences about the app. This feature can be best compared with the Playstore of Android mobile phones and App Store of Apple iPhones.

So, you can take a wise decision about which application should be used.

Filtering on the Basis of Clouds and Features 

You also find the option to filter the apps on the basis of clouds and features, which allows you to make a more specific selection while saving a lot of time.

How to Get the Best Out of AppExchange

In order to get the best for your business or nonprofit organization, you can contact a Salesforce agency and can avail their Salesforce AppExchange app services. It will be the best idea to take the services from the company which has accomplished integration or implementation processes for your business or organization.

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned ones are a few ways through which you can get the benefit of Salesforce AppExchange app installation. You can explore more on Salesforce’s website and can get the assistance of a Salesforce agency as mentioned above.