Salesforce AppExchange app services provide a way for businesses to extend the functionality of the salesforce. AppExchange is a marketplace of Salesforce CRM that offers solutions like apps, components, and consulting services to businesses. It offers over 4,000 ready-to-install apps, which increases the power of this CRM.

The Salesforce AppExchange app solutions offer a number of benefits to businesses. So, when you are going to get install salesforce in your company, you must go for AppExchange also.  

Here are some of the major benefits of the aforesaid services, which will definitely provide you to do the business in a new way while maintaining your own terms.

Benefits of Salesforce AppExchange Apps

1.     Events Are Executed More Efficiently

Significant coordination of events is required for scheduling. When it is needed to plan an event with several pieces of software, spreadsheets, and other systems, you may face a number of challenges.

You can find the apps for the aforesaid purpose in AppExchange. One of the best examples of leading events apps is Fonteva Events. It can assist you in several elements of event planning. At the same time, it incorporates salesforce data.

2.     Systems Integrations in a Quick, Easy, and Secured Way

Salesforce can be integrated with native-cloud, low-code integration, which can help businesses in managing their customer data, in seamlessly connecting with them on social media, in nurturing leads, and in efficiently providing greater customer service.

One best example in this regard is iPaaS, which offers a scalable data integration platform to integrate salesforce with many other platforms.

Another example is Dell Boomi, to help you transform the way to run your business and manage communication between Salesforce CRM and other systems in an effective manner.

3.     Effective Way of Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, Etc.

For the manufacturers, who are willing to move from on-premise ERP solutions to the cloud, salesforce helps in providing a 36-degree view of customers and products. It delivers hyper-personalized customer engagement. A single source of truth can be achieved by customers with AppExchange apps, including ERP and PLM apps. It streamlines business from product development, inventory, ordering, fulfillment and reporting.

4.     Projects Can be Managed and Tracked Directly from Salesforce

With the applications of AppExchange that are specialized in project management, projects can be created from objects. Moreover, you can start a workflow based on triggers, and manage projects with the help of mobile salesforce applications

To Sum Up

In order to get the best out of AppExchange, you need to get the salesforce AppExchange app services from the salesforce companies. These services can also be availed at the same time when you contact the companies for the installation of the salesforce platform in your organization.