Choose Codinix as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Provider to Meet the New Business Challenges

Bring Customers and Business Together by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation allows the businesses to meet the challenges by bringing your business and customers together with the next generation of applications like CRM and ERP. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 services of Codinix provide you a set of intelligent business applications. This helps you in running your entire business and produce greater outcomes via predictive, AI-driven insights. Codinix, as Microsoft Dynamics 365 service provider, also lets you see your business and customer data in one place across plenty of sources. In addition to this, you can create a single source of facts by seamlessly sharing data throughout every line of business.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Finance 365

Management 365
Sales 365
Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 HR

Apps as per Needs

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  • In Microsoft Dynamics 365, apps are added according to your business needs.

  • You can find the new apps as the requirements of your business are changed.

Customer Information

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  • With our assistance, kind of customer data is brought together via Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Pre-built KPIs can be used to understand customer journey with real-time updates.


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  • You only buy what you need, so Dynamics 365 is a cheaper option.

  • Need to manage your own data center and servers is eliminated, which results in significant savings.

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