A popular manufacturer & seller of herbal beauty and personal care products coveted to promote its products via digital marketing procedure. In order to accomplish this purpose, the major requirements were:

• Increase in sales.
• Visibility of the company’s website in top search results on Google.
• Quality stuff on social media along with the customers’ engagement.
• Excellent quality on-site and off-site content.

Solution Implemented

The following procedures were followed to provide the solution to the client for the abovementioned requirements.

• Online competitive analysis for marketing intelligence and for setting the goal.
• Various digital marketing procedures like SEO, SMM, and Content Marketing, were accomplished in order to increase the sales of the company.

Below are the details of the digital marketing procedures followed by Codinix.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Keyword research for understanding the phrases searched by the users for the herbal products being sold by the company. This research helped in setting the target for increasing the ranking on the search engines.

• Collection of key metrics and account analytics for baselines in the search engine optimization website audit.

• Strategic link building activities at authoritative websites to receive more traffic on the website.

• Optimization and conversion analysis for optimizing click-throughs to key landing pages.

• Creation of meta description to get click-throughs from search engines.

• Analysis of conversion rates as well as bounce rates to get insights and to make further improvements in the digital marketing process.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

• Leveraging the massive marketing scope of the numerous social media networks, for helping the company to reach out to the biggest podium of potential customers.

• Engagement of more and more audiences, who can be further converted into the customers, on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

• Submission of promotional pictures, posts, videos, and other stuff on social media sites.

Content Marketing

• Creation of high-quality content for the website to help the site to get the top ranking on Google as well as to give the right information to the visitors in an effective way.

• Creation of quality off-site content for the promotion of the website the organic products of the company.

• Brand awareness through thoughtful content in order to establish the company as a recognized industry leader.

Outcome of the Solution

The solution implemented by us provided an amazing outcome for the company, which include:

Revolutionary Boost in Sales: The direct sales of the company in March 2020 was 22.36, which increased to 385.93. On the other hand, the sales amount in CAD was 22.36 in March 2020, which became 703.15 in September 2020.

Increase in Monthly Searches: With our digital marketing efforts, the monthly search for each product individually increased in a huge percentage, which was the reason for the increase in sales.

Increase in Visitors: There is a huge increase in the graph of visitors in a single month. The percentage of the new user from 2nd September to 30th September is 43.28%.

Huge Engagement on Social Media: Due to the SMM strategy of Codinix, a huge engagement was witnessed on social media. The Facebook page of the company contains more than one lac followers today.

Traffic on Website due to Social Media and Website Ranking: The traffic of the website has been increased due to social media engagement and search engine ranking of the website.